Lantern Fest was celebrated on Saturday, November 27 at Crooked River Lighthouse!

Lantern Fest was a success because of YOU! We want to take this time to thank all the fabulous folks who volunteered and worked this year's Lantern Fest! We also want to show our gratitude for the wonderful organizations and companies who helped make this event possible. This year we are excited to report that we sold more tickets than ever a large margin. So thank you as well to all the attendees and supporters.
P.S. it got really cold really quick this year, so special thanks for everyone braving the chilly temps!

This unique, outdoor festival, best known for its breathtaking display of over a hundred colorful, hanging lanterns, lights up the night with magic and history at the 1895 maritime landmark. In 2021, the evening featured wonderful live music by gifted Irish musicians, Killavil, amazing performances by the Tallahassee Community College Dance Company, ancient craft demonstrations, museum exhibits, delicious food and desserts and evening tower climbs of the tallest lighthouse on the Forgotten Coast.  

In addition to fabulous shows of dance and music, over a hundred colorful, hanging lanterns were on display throughout the grounds of the lighthouse park. Many of these lanterns are truly works of art and have been painstakingly hand-made by the incredible Joan Matey and other gifted local artists. This year there was also two “ancient crafts” demonstrators; John Pfund set up his blacksmith forge and Ken Horne, who makes remarkably strong rope from local plant fibers. Special evening tower climbs gave a unique perspective on the glowing lanterns from above. Delicious food was enjoyed from the festival food vendors.