Past Free Program: Dog Island Shipwrecks

PROGRAM HOST: Carabelle History Museum

The Carrabelle History Museum is hosting a fascinating, free program about the mysterious shipwrecks on Dog Island. These discoveries uncovered on Dog Island by Hurricane Michael made national news.

With no warning, in the early hours of Aug 1, 1899 a powerful hurricane at its peak intensity made landfall on the Forgotten Coast. This storm, with 100 mph winds and a 12 ft storm surge, is known as the Carrabelle Hurricane. With the eye coming ashore near Apalachicola, the most devastating damage was suffered to the east of the storm in Carrabelle, Dog Island, Lanark and St. Teresa. Carrabelle was basically destroyed with only a handful of homes surviving. In addition, almost 60 vessels were destroyed or beached.

Come hear about the Shipwrecks of Dog Island at a free program Saturday, January 26, 10 am at C-Quarters Marina, Hwy 98, Carrabelle, FL.

We are honored that we will be joined by Ivor Mollema, Senior Archaeologist at the Underwater Archaeology Department for the State of Florida, who will discuss the history of those shipwrecks and what to do if you find a sunken ship. (Please remember and be respectful that much of these shipwrecks lie on private property.)

Date and and Time: January 26, 2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET) 
Location: C-Quarters Marina, 501 St. James Ave (Hwy 98), Carrabelle, FL
Contact: Carrabelle History Museum

Photo: Ships wrecked on Dog Island, FL during the 1899 Carrabelle Hurricane. (State Archives of Florida)

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